What is silver clay?

Silver clay is a material, invented in the 1990s, made up of fine silver particles (usually recycled from the photographic industry and from X-rays), an organic binder and water. The clay can be moulded, rolled, textured and shaped. We then leave it to dry, file and refine the piece before firing it with a butane torch (a creme brule torch will do!) or in a jewellery kiln. The resulting silver piece can then be polished ready to wear! The resulting silver is of hallmark quality.


There are two types of silver clay, 999 fine silver and 925 sterling silver. In these workshops, we will be using the 999 fine silver as the 925 sterling silver requires the use of a kiln.


There are currently two main manufacturers of silver clay, Aida and Mitsubishi (although more recently, other manufacturers have started to make it)

Art Clay

manufactured by Aida

PMC (Precious Metal Clay)

manufactured by Mitsubishi

Find out more about silver clay in this short interview with me and Lynn filmed by That's TV Scotland in January 2020

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