soldering silver clay - intermediate level class

Workshop length

1 day (6 hours, 1 hour for lunch)



£110 (includes all materials worth £30, lunch and refreshments throughout the day)

Note: this price for this workshop will increase to £125 on 1st March 2020 so book your place before that date to take advantage of the current price

Wednesday 27th May 2020, 10-5pm
Thursday 15th October 2020, 10-5pm


This full-day intermediate workshop is suitable for anyone who has attended the silver clay taster class, the beginners silver clay jewellery making class or has experience of working with metal clay.


On this class you will learn the traditional skill of soldering to advance your jewellery making skills in order to make different types of jewellery including stud earrings and cufflinks. This is the perfect follow on course from the beginners courses and has been requested by our students! It’s for you if you want to make jewellery to sell or simply wish to make for yourself or as gifts.



examples of what you will learn to make

A pair of stud earrings

A pair of cufflinks

Learn how to solder a jump ring onto a pendant

Workshop description

We will first design and make stud earrings, cufflinks and a pendant out of silver clay. This part serves as a good recap on what you’ve learnt previously.

We will spend the majority of our time focussing on the skill of soldering. You will learn


  • How to solder earring posts on to earrings to make studs

  • How to solder silver cufflink backs onto your silver clay pieces

  • How to solder a jump ring onto a pendant (instead of drilling a hole)

  • Many more hints and tips including how to make your own pickle


We will cover two different types of soldering, the equipment and materials you need (not much more than for working with silver clay), troubleshooting and more. You will have plenty of supervised practice and by the end of the day you should have the confidence and skill to start making things from home.


The cost of the course includes materials worth over £30 including 10g of silver clay, a pair of sterling silver cufflinks, a pair of stud earrings and butterflies. This is all you will need to complete the class but additional findings will be available from me on the day for those who want to get started straight away at home! You will also receive full class notes with all the information you need.

Refreshments and lunch are  included in the course price featuring locally sourced products - are an important part of The Arienas Collective experience. We are fortunate to have a fantastic range of independent shops and producers nearby who we love to support.


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Make your own Highland coo cufflinks!

This example was made by a student on the soldering course

Review for this course

Very enjoyable and informative day. Great teaching in an informal and relaxed setting which has given me the confidence to experiment with techniques at home.


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