Silver Botanics - inspired by nature

Where? Art Club Edinburgh, 21-22 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh, EH3 5DZ
When? ​​TBC. Email me if you are interested in this class

Cost £95 per person. This cost includes £25 of materials including silver, moulding compound and jewellery findings



How do I book a place? Places are booked with Jenny from Art Club Edinburgh. Email or call on 07794 136 793

Course is suitable for beginners

Join us for this beginners silver jewellery class inspired by nature. We will be visiting the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh to forage for natural materials before returning to the studio to learn how to make moulds and use silver clay to make unique jewellery.

Silver clay is a material with recycled fine silver particles, an organic binder and water. It is a fantastic material to use from home and minimal equipment is required. You will learn how to make silver jewellery of hallmark quality including how to fire your pieces so they become silver (you can use a creme brule torch!), how to polish and finish your pieces ready to wear (see examples of what you can make below).


What should I bring?
All materials are included but if you have any plants, leaves, shells, bark, seeds, natural materials etc you’d like to bring from home please do! Any plants, leaves etc need to be freshly cut (not dried) and it is advisable to bring them in a tupperware box with damp kitchen roll or similar. The best results come from plants that have protruding veins.


We will be walking around the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens so ensure you have suitable footwear and raincoats!

If you need reading glasses please bring them as this is very fine work at times

Edinburgh, UK

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