• Anna Campbell

Working on a creative project with my husband

I'm excited to share that I have been working on a creative project with my husband, Gary Campbell-Hall. Gary is a photographer who specialises in photographing landscape and architecture. It's the perfect partnership as we love getting out into nature and visiting new cities. I get to enjoy the scenery and time with my sketchbook while he takes gorgeous photos!

We have been planning this joint project for over a year now and have finally taken the plunge and made it live!

What is the project?

We will be sharing a story each month from our travels in Scotland. Gary will be choosing one photograph from the visit and making it into digital photo art. I will be making a silver charm for a charm bracelet inspired by our visit.

This month the project is all about the Campbell magnolia tree in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Next month is about our trip up the West Highland train line to see the silver sands of Morar.

Campbell magnolia by Gary Campbell Hall

Why Patreon?

We have chosen to launch this on patreon which supports creators to provide incentives for their followers. While I am lucky to work full time in jewellery, Gary currently works part time in a shop in order for us to pay our bills. Our eventual goal for this project is that Gary won't need to do so anymore which would free him up to work more on his photography and provide more for our patrons. It would also allow him to pursue other possibilities with his photography and artwork.

We would love to invite you to become a patron. Even at the $2 level (about £1.64) it would mean a lot to us. It would also really help us if you would follow us on Facebook and Instagram and like and comment on our posts.

Patrons can support us at 3 different levels

$2 per month you get to see the exclusive content

$10 a month you will also get a card in the post of Gary's chosen image, handwritten and signed by us both

$40 a month you will get all the above benefits plus a handmade silver charm for a charm bracelet

You can find out more about the project here >

Edinburgh, UK

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