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The Ring a Month Challenge continues in 2020


Thank you to everyone that has joined in the Ring a Month Challenge in 2019.

I started the Ring a Month challenge on 31st December 2018 as a way to get myself to commit to making something consistently for a year. I honestly thought that it would just be me and a few of my jeweller friends that would join in but it quickly snowballed; more and more people from all over the world started to join in and by the end of January, just a few weeks later, more than 100 rings had been created and shared. Since then, hundreds of jewellers have created over 1000 rings as part of the challenge. Thank you to you all. I love looking out for your rings every day on Instagram and Facebook and have been inspired by your creations.

Plans for 2020

The good news is that the challenge will continue in 2020.

So if you've only just heard about it. If you managed to do a few rings in 2019. Or you managed to do all 12 you are welcome to join in.

The challenge will remain the same. You share one ring you made in that calendar month. That's it! Please only share a ring that you made that month, rings made previously don't count! Each month I select a theme that you can choose to use to inspire your ring. I have been alternating a technical theme with a more thematic theme.

However, you do not have to stick to the theme; the challenge is to make a ring that month. If you do that then you've achieved the goal.

How do I join in?

Everyone is welcome using any material or jewellery making discipline, whatever your level of experience, wherever you are in the world!

The challenge is completely free.

There are two options for joining in with the challenge, using Facebook or Instagram.


Join the private Facebook group here and post a picture of your ring when you’re done. Work in progress shots are also welcome as are blog posts on your work

Facebook group > https://www.facebook.com/groups/makearingamonth/


Follow @ringamonth


Share your ring on your Instagram account with the hashtag #ringamonth2020 somewhere in the text or the comments and I will be notified. Rings shared with the hashtag #ringamonth2020 will be shared in the stories. A selection of rings will also be shared as a regram on the account and you will be credited for this.

You are welcome to join in on both Instagram and Facebook! This is a very supportive community so please do like and comment on people’s work.

Announcing the theme for January 2020 ..

When is the theme for next month announced?

I announce the theme for the next month one week before the end of the previous month. This was requested by those that wanted to spend a bit of time thinking about what to make or who were busy in the coming month and wanted to get ahead. The theme will be announced in the Facebook group, on Instagram and here in the blog >

Please don't share your ring until the theme month has started though as I check through the accounts based on date and yours might get missed.

Exhibition in 2020

I am excited to share that we will be exhibiting some of the rings created for the 2019 challenge at the You Can Make It metal clay conference in Dorset in March. I will put out a call for people to submit rings for this soon.

Anyone is welcome to join the Ring a Month challenge at any time. There's no need to catch up with previous months and you are welcome to dip in and out of the challenge as you want.

If you have any questions do let me know, my email address is anna@jewelleryschoolscotland.co.uk

I can't wait to see your makes


Edinburgh, UK

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