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Metal clay Masterclasses in the UK, 2019

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

i love attending masterclasses. they are a great way to learn new skills and it's often the little tips and tricks that you learn that help the most. that and spending time with like-minded people! so i decided i would put together a list of the metal clay artists that are travelling to teach in the uk in 2019. i have no doubt missed some so please do add any that you know of in the comments below and i will gladly include them.

just to clarify, for this i have chosen to feature metal clay artists who are travelling from outside of the UK to teach. there are a lot of fantastic teachers already in the uk and you should definitely plan a visit for a class with them (and I expect i'll do a blog post on those soon). Click on the name of the class for the link to the full details and how to book.

also, to be clear, i am not receiving any affiliate payments for sharing these, i just know i'd find it a useful resource and i am sure you will too.

as some artists are visiting more than one studio in the uk i will be sharing this by artist rather than location (and in alphabetical order).

deb Karash

based in Ashville in North Carolina Deb is travelling to Julia Rai's studio in Cornwall to teach.

CSACJ, Cornwall

Drawing on Metal

17th-21st April

terry Kovalcik

Terry trained as an illustrator before turning his attention to metal clay jewellery. he is a senior instructor for the rio rewards program and is travelling to the uk from his home in new Jersey, USA. i attended a masterclass with him a few years ago and i definitely recommend taking this opportunity to learn from him.

Craftworx, Yorkshire

Nested Nook Locket

13th-15th May 2019

Shaman Locket

17th-19th May 2019

21st-23rd May 2019

25th-27th May 2019

Clement Marquaire

Visiting the uk to teach for the first time from belgium Clement will be teaching at Metal Clay Ltd in Dorset. the classes will be using goldie bronze clay.

Metal Clay Ltd

Bronze bark textured tube beads

22nd March 2019

Inversion technique Lentil Bead Masterclass

23rd and 24th March 2019

anna mazon

Anna is visiting the uk from Poland and will be travelling around. her work is beautiful and much tinier than you would expect from photographs. I have been luck enough to attend a class taught by her and highly recommend that you do too.

Debbie France, Kent

Fantasy Eyes pendant

2nd-4th May 2019

Climbing rose pendant

5ht-6th May 2019

CSACJ, Cornwall

Fantasy eyes pendant

26th-28th May 2019

Climbing Rose Pendant

30th-31st May 2019

Craftworx, Yorkshire

Fantasy eyes pendant

4th-6th July 2019

Twig ring

7th July 2019

Silver and Stone, Yorkshire

Herbarium pendant

9th - 10th July 2019

Mushroom dreams

11th-13th July 2019

if you are interested in any of these classes don't wait to book as places are limited.

what have i missed? let me know in the comments below so i can update this page. thanks.

Note: all photos are copyright, all rights reserved by the artist and are shared here as an illustration of the types of jewellery you could make on the masterclass.

Edinburgh, UK

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