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March Meet The Maker part 1

March meet the maker is a monthly Instagram challenge created by Joanne Hawker. It has some really interesting prompts and I've been able to keep up with it and post daily so I thought I would share my posts here on the blog. Taking part in these challenges is fun and it also helps people to find new makers and collaborators.

Day 1 - Favourite to make

If you’ve just found me then hi, I’m Anna a jewellery maker from Edinburgh in Scotland. I make jewellery from silver clay and I used to avoid making rings but now I really love them! I also love making these hollow box constructions, whether they are rings or pendants.

This video is of me polishing a silver ring that has just come out of the jewellery kiln

Day 2 - how you started

Like many people working in the arts my path hasn’t been particularly linear! I did a Psychology degree, worked in training and then did my teaching degree. I taught Psychology in colleges and at a university full time for years (I still teach it every now and then). While I was teaching I wanted to get back to doing something creative so I tried some jewellery making classes. I heard about silver clay and went to a one day class at the London Jewellery School and was completely hooked. I even wrote on my Facebook that day ‘I’ve seen my future and it’s metal clay’. And it is. I started learning as much as I could. Took my Art Clay certification, my PMC Rio Rewards and the Higher Diploma in Metal Clay. And eventually I started teaching it myself at the London Jewellery School, hence the full circle. This photo is from the second course I filmed for Jewellers Academy.

Six years ago I gave up my job in a university to teach and to make jewellery. Nearly two years ago my husband and I left London to move to Edinburgh and I started Jewellery School Scotland. I guess all the way through it’s been about teaching for me and that’s my absolute favourite thing to do

DAY 3 - Flatlay

For those that don't know, flatlay means a photo taken from above, usually of a curated scene. I know this isn’t what flatlay means but here I am with my niece lying down on her playmat! I love this photo!

Day 4 - Tools and Materials

One of the benefits of using silver clay is that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get started

Day 5 - Detail or Close up

I almost always work in silver but made my and my husband’s wedding rings in gold. This is his ring. The engraving was done by the assay office. Photo by said husband

Day 6 - Full or Part Time

Like a lot of artists I do lots of part time things that add up to more than full time! Today I was teaching jewellery making in this gorgeous space at the Arienas Collective in Edinburgh. I also travel to teach at the London Jewellery School and the Mary Ward Centre in London. I am the pt Community Manager for Jewellers Academy and I started and run the Ring a Month challenge. And I have an article to write for Making Jewellery magazine this month!

Day 7 - Behind the Scenes

This is a behind the scenes look at my view when I was filming for Jewellers Academy I had to keep my notes on the edge if the table out of the shot! Lights, camera, action! 📸

Day 8 - Product Range

I teach silver clay classes here in Edinburgh at the Arienas Collective so my product range are my class samples. Each time I teach a class I make more samples! Take a look at the link in my bio if you’re interested in seeing what you can learn in my classes

Day 9 - The Story Behind the Name

I set up Jewellery School Scotland while still living in London as my husband and I had some time to plan our move to Edinburgh. At that time I took a sabbatical from my teaching job so we had the option to go back if we decided to. But we’re not! I also wanted it to be a name that could move with me if I decide to move within Scotland or teach in other locations. Right now I teach mainly in Edinburgh, sometimes in Glasgow. I would like to go further but I haven’t learnt to drive so it’s tricky with all my equipment! But it’s a future possibility. I love the branding which was done by designer Vicky Perry. She used the green of the Campbell tartan and the tartan lines as inspiration

Day 10 - You

This amazing lochside photo was taken by my husband Gary taken not long after we moved to Scotland

Edinburgh, UK

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