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Exciting news - YCMI 2020 programme announced

I'm very excited to finally be able to share that I have been invited to teach at the YCMI metal clay residential conference in England again next year.

What is YCMI?

YCMI stands for You Can Make It. It is the name of the residential metal clay conference organised by Metal Clay Ltd. It started in 2017 and there was also a conference in 2018 although they are now running one every other year.

The conference runs from 12th to 15th March 2020. On the Friday you choose a masterclass to attend. On the Saturday and Sunday you choose a mix of hands on sessions, demos and talks.

We take over a whole hotel in Wareham, Dorset, England and I am really looking forward to attending again next year. It's so fun to spend time with like-minded people!

Who is teaching this year?

I was really excited to be picked to teach again in 2020. I know a lot of tutors put in proposals for courses this time so I wasn't expecting to be chosen as I have so far taught every year.. I was informed 2 months ago that all my course proposals had been accepted but was asked not to tell anyone! The full programme was only published today so it's great to now be able to share.

The masterclass tutors this year are a fantastic group of artists again including Julia Rai, Tracey Spurgin, Joy Funnell and Leigh Armstrong from the UK and overseas tutors Clement Marquaire, Etsuko Nakayama, Lisel Crowley, Meropi Toumbas and Sulie Girardi.

What I will be teaching

I will be teaching two hands on sessions.

Saturday afternoon - Soldering Silver Clay

I've taught this each year and it has been a popular session. I will be teaching how to sweat solder silver clay cufflinks and stud earrings.

Sunday afternoon - Daisy Chain

This is a completely new project and will be the first time I will be teaching it. I've been working on ways to create a silver clay daisy chain without soldering and have managed it!

I will also be talking about the hallmarking process for metal clayers at one of the round table events in the evening. This year Jessica Rose of the London Jewellery School and Jewellers Academy will also be there on the Saturday so it will be fun to work alongside her.

The programme for YCMI is now available. Tickets will go on sale on 8th October 2019 so there is some time to decide which classes you want to do! I will be attending a masterclass and have already chosen the one I want to do!

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